Welcome to the Carry You With Me Community!

Connect, honour and be inspired with parents navigating life after pregnancy, infant or child loss.

The Carry You With Me Community is a place for parents navigating life after pregnancy, infant or child loss.

A safe and loving place to

  • acknowledge and validate our experiences
  • share our stories
  • honour our children
  • work though common challenges and offer inspiration
  • build a network of people who walk the same path 

Together we can build resilient strategies for healing and explore new ways to work with our grief as we take meaningful steps forward.


My name is Alanna Knobben and I am the founder of our special community.  

I vividly recall looking in the mirror and feeling so sad and broken that I didn’t even recognize the face looking back at me. Feeling like I was the only one in the world who felt this devastating loss. I didn't know how I would survive.  

Nothing can prepare you for hearing the words “I’m so sorry mama, but your son is very sick and he is not coming home”.  Despite brave medical interventions and teams of incredible professionals fighting for our son, his illness took a turn for the worse. At only two weeks old, Marshall passed away in our arms and changed our lives forever.

I remember returning to work or out in public to have an acquaintance or colleague make eye contact then turn away because they didn’t know what to say. Or when simple steps like having a shower or driving from one place to the next would open the flood gates of grief in those quiet moments left alone with my thoughts.

Carry You With Me is a labor of love, born of my desire to advocate for bereaved parents wishing to transform their pain. From speaking at medical events to inspire new standards of care to volunteering with bereavement organizations across North America and interviewing experts I believe the possibilities are endless.  It is my wish to create a safe space for discussions and connection around grief by sharing my journey out loud

If you’re reading this, you or someone you love are living through this loss. 

I am here. 

We are here. 

To remind all of us that we are not alone. 

What if sharing your story and exploring the experiences of others could not only help you survive, but help you create your best life...

Why join? 

Members always have access to:
  • Experience exclusive content, learn about new programs, access resources and direct the conversations you want to have 
  • Meet people who walk this path with you.  People who share your passion for this topic and who truly understand what you are going through
  • Learn about all areas of loss, from emotional pain to honouring your child and rediscovering who you are.  Build resources that you are interested in for where you are at right now and where you dream to go
  • Swap stories, experiences and ideas with peers (not advice) 
  • Find inspiration for the darker moments and days (months/years??) that are all natural parts of loss

Losing a baby can be an incredibly isolating experience. The Carry You With Me Community has been a beacon of light for me in a very dark storm. I feel great comfort in knowing that others have walked a similar journey and that I’m not alone. Being able to talk with those who completely understand is truly a gift.  ~ Emily Duncanson

Alanna provides a workshop that honours your place in grief as well as makes you feel comfortable to go more in depth. She shares her heart and her son in a way that encourages others to do so as well.
~ Community member and workshop participant

Together, we remember the great loves we have lost and cherish all the ways we carry them with us forever.

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